Get Untrakt With a Different Kind of Pack

Get Untrakt With a Different Kind of Pack

Want a bag that has stand-out differences in performance & function? 

LocoMödiv™ brings patented innovation to centuries-old gear bag design, brought to you by Seattle Sports Co., a leader in high quality outdoor gear since 1983.

You can add color to your pack by swapping out your black straps for colored ones - it's quick & easy with our patented Uniloop technology.

Our colored silicone straps are sold individually (separately) to allow you to personalize your pack. 


  • Grippy, stretchy, and strong silicone straps
  • Super comfortable and shock absorbing
  • Breathable open frame design
  • Replaceable - match your favorite color, or your team, school, or club colors!

Buy an 8-pack of single straps or handles - one of each color - and save big!

With our LocoMödiv gear offering users a brand new concept, we felt the first generation of LocoMödiv bags should celebrate and emphasize "new." Each LocoMödiv model was named with a word that means "new" or "first" in languages from around the world.


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